Judith Mittiga


I successfully raised two vegans and have myself been a vegan since 2007. I am a trained accountant but I choose to live my life in an area where I can help animals. I believe that if we practice compassion, outreach and meaningful conversation in everyday life that we are a powerful group that can make a difference.  Animal exploitation has been going on for too long and we will all work together to end it!

Gabrielle Richards


I am one of the two vegans that Judy raised. I’m sure she didn’t realize how much her life was going to change when my sister and I told her that we wanted to be vegan back in 2004. Back then, vegan alternatives were few and far between. I’m so impressed with how things have changed so rapidly and we are happy to have them all in one place!

Jason Richards


I am the newer vegan of the group. I became vegan in March of 2016. The transition for me was easy because I had a big support group of knowledgeable vegans who could help me through the obstacles. It is a lifestyle change that I am very proud of. I’m excited to share what I have learned with new vegans who need to hear the same advice that I got in the beginning!

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